Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nevermind the smut and muck!

Whilst doing my random wee hour web surfing, I came across some amazing shots which didn't look like they were shot in our lil' ol' Singapore.

Then I did a little snooping around and discovered that there's a beautiful and scenic side to Singapore which (obviously) no wedding photographers/studio/shops are willing to let couples know about... because that would mean less overseas shoots and hence, less money for them.

I mean... just look at some of the photos I managed to come across in just 5 minutes of brief Google searching?

Picture of Yan Kit Swimming Complex

Pictures from ClubSnap- Night86Mare

Pictures from

In all honesty, any of these pictures could have easily been passed off as being shot in an overseas location (as the one below)

Now why aren't more local couples investing their money in GOOD photographers with superb talents... instead of spending all that money for a fancy spancy overseas shoot... to get a picture like this....





I rest my case.