Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ever had that feeling that you were stuck in rut even though everything seems to be going fine and as planned?

It's such a weird phase to experience.
It's as though nothing that could ever happen would be of interest to you.
"BLAH" is the word.

I don't even feel like researching for my wedding at this time anymore!

But just like how hot chocolate always hits the spot when you're feeling blah...
Jason, my fiancee, has been a constant ray of sunshine and laughter in this seemingly ho-hum period.

And that is why I love him like a fat kid loves (chocolate) cake.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A moment, please

Now that the our wedding reception lunch venue has been pretty much booked, I find myself being more pre-occupied with finding and creating that ONE beautiful love nest for the two of us.

Picture of the living area of a Malibu Home

What goes into making a house a home?
Is it the beautifully-done decor which reflects your style as a couple?
Is it the wonderful, unblocked view from your living room?
Or is it the fact that you will be coming together as one to build what would be the rest of your lives together?

Now that's a frightening thought.
But also a very liberating one.

Through all the house hunting and praying, you get the sense of coupledom - a taste of what it'll be like when you eventually do get married.

Sweet reassurance, frustrations, tears, fears and laughter... love.
i. cannot. wait.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cotton Candy Love

Remember how I've always talked about my superb fetish for paper goods and stationery?

Well, I have finally found a local avenue to purchase all my paper LOVES at a pocket-friendly price - sit up and say 'Hello!' to my new found BFF, Cotton Candy Island!

Enough of lurking around those chi-chi stationary and scrapbooking stores, scrummaging for discounted items... I can now purchase all the beautiful craft items in the comfort of my home as I excitedly await for their arrival at my doorstep.Check out this delicious brown paper with oh-so-vintage thread and button details!

Pictures from Cotton Candy Island

Packing your wedding favours, sending this out as a wedding invite... or even use it to pack Thank You gifts for your wedding helpers! Beautiful packaging really does accentuate the thoughtfulness of your gift :)

But this is next product is my favourite one of all and it just makes me DNA tingle with excitement - STAMP COLLECTIONS!

Picture of "Lovely Animals" stamp collection

What other shops are selling you for $30+, Cotton Candy Island is only selling at *hyperventilates* $12.50!

I'm sorry. As you can tell I really love my stationery, my fiancee can be proof to that fact + my gargantuan box stocked full of stationery and crafting materials.

What amazed me about these stamp collections is that they come in Fairy, Mountain Birds, Pussycat, Jewelery..... and many many more. I am so gushing right now.

And better yet, they sell special ink stamps to allow you to do stuff like this:

Step aside BK wraps and artisan table mats... and welcome the dawning of the new era of adorable and affordable table setting ideas!

Open your eyes and crafting minds to incredible ways to beautify your house... and also, a personal way to decorate your wedding (i.e. favours, cards, menus...)

Stationery heaven........... oh my new found love :)))

All you need is a perfect excuse to buy these Cotton Candy-ed lovelies and you will be well on your way to craft heaven.