Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm Engaged!

Picture from W. Scott Chester

I've been looking and thinking of what we could possibly do for our engagement photo shoot.

While most people only have a pre-wedding photo shoot, Jason's awesome friend Matthew Lim a.k.a Lee Matai, has offered to do an engagement shoot for us... FOR FREE! *gasps*

And what I mean by an engagement shoot is that it'll just be a shoot of the 2 of us together. No wedding gowns, no tuxedos, no bouquets.. just US.

It sounds really fun.
But here comes the UH-OH factor, we can't seem to decide what theme or even where we're gonna shoot this!

Picture from W. Scott Chester

And sure, outdoorsy kinda photo shoots look somewhat awesome, but just thinking about the sun and the oh-so-hot weather of Singapore.. really puts us both off.

So, it's a "No." to an outdoor shoot.

Then comes the next question:
Would it be wiser to decide on a theme first, then the venue? Or would it be better the other way around.

Guess a good place to start would be to ask ourselves what and where do we spend most of our time doing.

But as to coming up with a grand idea about how the shoot would be like, well, that's another question to be tackled on another day, cause I'm just too sleepy right now :)

Picture from W. Scott Chester
(i know it's not an engagement shoot, but it's too cute to not be posted!)

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