Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Have Music. Can Travel.

(A vintage poster from the Woodstock music festival)

So, the fiancee and I basically met because of our various loves in life - his being Sound and mine being Music.

He is a sound engineer and I am a singer, so naturally, one of our biggest interests was Music.

We may not be the biggest concert-going junkies nor are the craziest of music fanatics, but there's something about the same kind of music we both love... that makes us happy.

Well, except for Paramore, we pretty much share the same tastes in music.

Apart from that, we are also totally into the vintage fare that's all the rage now. Wrinkled and yellowed paper to faded colours, it's all about that warm and comfy feeling that vintage-inspired stuff produce.

So what's a better way to merge both of our loves, than to create a vintage-themed wedding poster?

(Wedding Poster designed by Erin Jang)

Why a poster you say?

Well, apart from our vintage-themed invites (which will be specially photographed by The Fiancee, and designed by Yours truely), I really wanted to come up with another idea to reiterate our vintage and music themed wedding.

And at the same time, spice up the vast lounge/reception area in our hotel.
Oh, did I mention that it's gonna be at the Fullerton by the way? *grins*

So these little babies would serve as the perfect decorations in and around our reception area, and our guests can even choose to bring them home after the ceremony!

(Pictures taken from Etsy Wedding)

It really does make for the perfect decoration cum parting gift for all your guests.
Plus, its rather economical as well :)


  1. OMG!!! So COOL!! :) LOVE the idea! :)

  2. Hi, you look like a young bride! :) Congrats! Anyway, did you study your degree in marketing overseas?

  3. Hey Anonymous,

    I AM a young bride (if you're referring to Singapore, that is) - and I'm proud of it! Haha. Thanks for your blessings.

    I did my diploma in comms in Temasek Poly though; hope i didn't create the impression that I studied overseas though :S