Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Take a picture of this

Photo from The Knot

I am absolutely falling in love with the idea of setting up a makeshift photo booth or placing disposable cameras everywhere at during my wedding.

This way, my guests would be our eyes during the night and capture moments we, as The Couple, would otherwise be missing out on.

And the idea of throwing in some quirky props like fake beards, wigs, thought bubbles, for our guests to take pictures with just seems TOO FUN!

A little simple piece of cloth, a few random props from Daiso and a bunch of disposable cameras (Wholesale price = S$3.90 for a camera with 20 shots), and there you have it... something affordable and fun to do at a wedding! :)

Plus, all we'll need is just one single photographer to follow us around. No paparazzi-esque scenario at our wedding. Sounds.... well, just about brilliant.

Our friends and family will just be tasked to take photos of themselves and/with us - amateurs or professional photographers alike.

And when we do look back at our wedding photo album, we'll be able to see our wedding through the eyes of guests as well.

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