Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Liking them long

inspiration board done using pictures from StyleMePretty

I am in L-O-V-E with the idea of a long table setting.
They just make the entire venue look so chic!

Plus, we have this theory that a long table setting would allow our guests to mingle with at least 5 people around them; as compared to shouting over a round table or mingling with only the 2 people seated beside them.

And since we would love for everyone to have fun and talk to people they don't normally talk to, this would be a great way for everyone to get together!

I've not been to a wedding that has a long table setting, but both Jason and I are sure looking into getting that for our wedding.

Just throw in some white candles and simple fresh flower arrangements, and there you have it, an amazingly elegant table setting.

Guess now all we have to do is find hotel/restaurant which does long table setting and of course, it must have a yummylicious buffet menu.

We're gravitating towards to idea of a relaxed setting - soft candle light, jazz music playing softly in the background, and our guests all mingling and having a fun time. So this fits in nicely with our likings.

Ooooh... i cannot wait for the venue search to begin!


  1. hey... i remembered seeing long tables when i was helping my sister print info for her wedding. let me ask her.....


  2. i love long table settings too!!! go for it babe!