Monday, November 29, 2010

The perfect covering

You know how they say that the most important a bride must wear on her wedding day (apart from her wedding dress, duh) is her veil.

But having spent hours, and not to mention money, in deliberating which veil suits your dress, it's rather silly when you actually realize that the veil will only be used for a few minutes.

Once your groom has lifted the veil, all eyes are on your shining/glowing/pretty face.

Lifting the veil is pretty much like lifting the dustsheet off from a sculpture in an art gallery. Off with the covering to reveal your beaming smile :D

(Picture taken from

This just brings me to the point that, if you are only gonna be wearing the veil for a few minutes, it wouldn't make much sense to spend tons on one that's intricately customized and is so long that it runs all the way to Timbuktu.

However, if you were to settle for the "free" veils that come together with your wedding gown, most of the time, it would just either fall flat on your face, get caught on your fake lashes/extensions, get caught on your ear-rings.... the list just goes on. I've seen one too many brides fall prey to the "my veil ruined my make-up & holy matrimony" curse.

(Picture of Drew Barrymore)

So the best option is to get a birdcage veil - because it holds itself away from your face and it IS essentially a veil as well. (okay, that was a very "duh" point. but still valid. very.)

So my task is to create my own BIRDCAGE veil - and I've got the best DIY guide to do it.

I've even done up a whole bunch of fabric flowers to add to the gorgeousness of this personalized veil. And, again, I've got the best DIY guide to do it.

(Picture taken from Jen Renee)

I can't wait to finally post up pictures of my completed project!

Akan datang. Coming soon.

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