Thursday, October 15, 2009

Of cakes and more

I am seriously considering getting a real cake, instead of those plastic inedible models which hotels and restaurants in Singapore offer.

I mean why not? Since we both love cakes so much, it might just be a very good idea!

However, with everything that has to do with a wedding celebration, vendors tend to charge at least 30% more than they would for a normal event (e.g. corporate function, birthday party...) and a wedding cake will cost from anything between a few hundreds to a thousand.

So how do I get around this?

Opt for a HUGE single tiered cake?
Or opt for a small multi-tiered cake?
Or opt for a normal sized single tiered cake and bake my own cupcakes to give out as wedding favours?

Which shall I choose?


  1. if you bake your own cupcakes... no need to sleep already. haha

  2. haha but thanks to amazing friends who were unable to comment on my blog, they've offered to help me make mine! ho ho ho :DDD

  3. ehh... i know the mom of someone in choir bakes wedding cakes!!!

  4. hi, I am just wondering how did the cupcake idea go? did you use it and if so how many did you make and how long did it take? we want to also use cupcakes as the wedding cake :)

  5. Hi Anonymous (:D)

    I didn't go with baking the cupcakes cause my now-husband wouldn't allow me too, but i did go with getting a huge 3-tiered wedding cake!

    haha but on normal it takes me about an hour to prep, bake and pipe about 30 cupcakes. So it really depends on how much you can afford to spend on doing stuff like this.

    another idea is to have a hen's night baking session! :)
    I had a hen's night crafting session where my sisters and I booked a hotel room and did paper pom poms and cut-outs over mani and pedis, before heading for a night of wonderful dinner.