Monday, October 12, 2009

We've only just begun

I'm finally at the first point in our wedding process. Jason and I sat down at Starbucks in Holland Village with a cup of Hot Caramel Macchiato each and started on our wedding planning.

Through those few precious hours of flipping through magazines and looking at online print-outs, we were able to come up with a few things. Essentially, they were the feel of our wedding, the number of guests we're planning to host and of course, our budget.

As you can see in the picture above, I've blurred out our budget as it's a very sensitive issue in the Wedding Plan... won't wanna hurt our ang baos, as materialistic as it sounds. Ha!

But once our wedding's over, be sure that our total costs will be announced :)


In our wedding plans, there is just a one lofty purpose and goal attached. We both want to pay for the whole thing ourselves because we want to make all the decisions ourselves. And we truly wanted the wedding to represent us, not anyone else. Our wedding is going to be a very important event because it only happens once and it's a chance to bring so many friends and family together. We wanted everyone--our guests and ourselves--to have a splendid time.

We want our loved ones to truely have a wonderful time and bask in the lovely presence of God and socialise!

Let's face it, no one really does any real socialising at a wedding in Singapore! You don't even get to talk to the couple at all too!

We don't want our wedding to be one that passed us by in a flash. And we definitely don't want to just whizz from table to table in under 30 seconds flat time and then realise the day after that we've not even had a decent conversation with any of our guests for more than a minute each! *horrors*

So yes, we are thriving to be as unconventional as possible. We want to talk to our guest and really socialise with the people we love. We want to REALLY share our happiness with the people who matter!

And that means...
No to crazy packed wedding programme line-up.
No to dashing from table to table ONLY to take pictures with my guests.
No to TEN MILLION photographers and videographers hovering around us and alienating our guests.
No to wasteful spending.
No to tacky music, decor, invite cards... and that list goes on.

Plus, we are also up for the challenge of making our event special with sincerity, rather than money. Our wedding budget will be an amount that will leave the creative control in our hands and ensure that our wedding was the fullest expression of us and our love.

So that means...
Yes to appreciating and acknowledging that Daddy God is with us every single step of the way.
Yes to making our beloved guests feel special and a part of our very special and amazing wedding to be.
Yes to not succumbing to the pressures of spending unnecessarily on things we don't need.
Yes to holding each other's hand through it all and never allowing stress to take over.

Oh, I can't wait to get down to serious business!


  1. God's thoughts are not your thought's, His was are not your ways!
    Or something like that. Bwahah. Expect an amazing wedding and let God exceed that k!

    Rem that you guys are too blessed to be stressed for the wedding planning. (:

  2. Jas: We agreed on a budget already meh? :D

  3. heydear! Am so happy for you! it's going to b an exciting journey for you babe!! And it will be SOOOOOOOOo blessed!! :)


  4. Waaaa~~ excited for you babe! Hope the planning is going fantastic for u. God is with you every step of the way and I trust that youre wedding will be great!!

  5. @JasonTheGroomLim yes. we sorta have :) hahaha!!!

  6. @the rest of you beautiful people THANK YOU ALL! :) Amen!

  7. this is exciting. <3 you! your wedding is gonna be great; i cant wait. remembere to plan for time to socialize with me. hahaha. im so gonna snatch that bouquet ....

    lucks with all the planning woman!

  8. i can't wait :) haha so thick-skinned, assuming i'm invited already